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TRC 2023

AMSTERDAM • November 2

TRC is a one-day in-person and virtual tech recruitment event

This unique conference brings recruitment thought leaders and recruiters together from around the world


We bring together renowned speakers from industry-leading companies such as Uber, Amazon, Booking.com, and others.


We facilitate numerous opportunities to network, reinforcing existing connections and forging new ones.


Throughout the event, we incorporate memorable experiences to keep the audience engaged and maintain a high level of energy.

Embrace the future
at TRC 2023 Amsterdam

Join us at Tech Recruitment Conference (TRC) 2023 to master the art of attracting and retaining top tech talent! Immerse yourself in topics such as sourcing, tech recruitment, and leadership while discovering ways to foster an inclusive and empowering workplace.

Uncover innovative strategies and valuable insights to keep pace with the rapidly evolving tech industry.

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A one-day event featuring 15 speakers across two tracks

We're expecting 175 in-person attendees and 200 to join us online


Our mission is to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the talent acquisition process, including the crucial factors contributing to its success. By bringing together experts from diverse areas, we aim to foster a dynamic forum for discussing the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities.

Anna Bertoldini

Global Head of Employer Branding
at NielsenIQ

Anna Bertoldini is the Global Head of Employer Branding at NielsenIQ. Here, she's leading employer branding and recruitment marketing efforts to bring the organization's employer value proposition to life and attract and retain top talent.

Anna is driven to help global companies communicate their culture, mission, values, and purpose with authentic and engaging storytelling. What gets her out of bed every morning is her mission to help organizations either build their presence or reinvent themselves to attract the right talent to scale sustainably.

Anna, the stage is yours! Welcome!


Jan Bernhart

Experienced Headhunter/Sourcer

Jan is an experienced Headhunter/Sourcer, and has worked extensively in the European Tech industry for companies like Booking, Adyen, Bol.com, and Optiver.

As his expertise evolved to Tech & Product Leadership positions, he started the Executive Search label called IT Leaders.

Please welcome on stage Jan!


Cas van Oort

Owner and CRO of Recrt.ai,
Founder of Jobleads.io

Cas van Oort is a Recruitment Automation Expert and Owner of Recrt.ai and Jobleads.io. He helps recruitment agencies and corporate recruitment teams achieve more by implementing innovative tools such as ATS Systems, AI, marketing automation tools and Whatsapp automations.


Jolie den Boer

Global Director Recruitment
at Booking.com

Jolie stands out as a strategic Talent Acquisition Director, adept in technical and digital realms. Passionate about collaboration and cultural diversity, she's hands-on and excels in building enduring relationships. With a notable track record, Jolie masterfully leads high-performance teams, emphasizing talent management and retention in alignment with corporate visions.

Please welcome on stage Jolie!


Yves Greijn

Founder at Maven /
Executive Hiring at Miro

Yves is a tech recruitment maestro, leaving significant footprints wherever he goes. At Miro, he's contributing to a leading online collaboration platform, while at Beat, he's spearheading Engineering Leadership hiring in Latin America. Notably, Yves made waves in EMEA by focusing on Engineering Leadership at Uber. His expertise further extends to global sourcing for QuantumBlack, a Machine Learning wing of McKinsey & Co, and elevating senior Technical Leadership at Facebook. Beyond the tech arena, Yves revels in the serenity of nature.

Please welcome on stage Yves!


adriaan kolff

Co-founder of MatcHR

Adriaan Kolff is a serial entrepreneur in the recruitment industry, investor, public speaker and endurance athlete. In his keynote Adriaan will dwell on his personal experience scaling MatcHR without any background in recruitment to being the preferred partner for some of the world's leading tech companies.


Matt Yates

Talent Acquisition Director
for Uber in EMEA

Matt is the Talent Acquisition Director for Uber in EMEA, joining the company in 2022. As part of a Global Talent Acquisition Leadership team, Matt is responsible for ensuring Uber delivers high-performing recruitment experiences that translate into drivers for competitive advantage and business growth. Prior to joining Uber Matt spent over 20 years in the Recruitment Industry primarily focused on Tech, New Media, and Financial Services organizations, and has led the Talent Acquisition functions for leading brands such as lastminute.com, and Barclays.

Please welcome on stage Matt!


Glenn Ferguson

Manager, Talent Acquisition /
D,E&I Lead at Catawiki

Glenn has been working in the recruitment industry for many years, both in-house and agency, as a recruiter, manager, and now a D,E&I lead for Catawiki. From humble beginnings in regional Australia Glenn has been unwavering in his dedication to building a more equitable world around him. Be it in his work in his early life as an Actor/Producer or in his life now in the Talent and HR space. Glenn is passionate about the practical application of D, E &I strategy and the change you can make today for the long term!

Please welcome on stage Glenn!


Bas Vliegenthart

Lead Well-being | Breathwork Expert
at PwC Nederland

After working for more than 15 years in recruitment, Bas found a new passion: well-being. As Lead Well-being within PwC, he is responsible for its well-being strategy and program. Bas aims to inspire individuals and teams on how to perform healthier and more sustainably. In his approach, Bas makes the connection to one of the most powerful well-being tools: breathwork.

Bas, the stage is yours!


Mark Hedley

Vice President
of Talent Recruiting for G-P

Mark Hedley is Vice President of Talent Recruiting for Globalization Partners. In this role, Mark works with Customers and Partners to help them to grow their businesses through global expansion and access to global remote talent. This is an area of passion for Mark having lived and worked internationally for his entire career.

Please welcome on stage Mark!


Ivana Belfiore

Head of Business Development
at Localyze

Ivana is the Head of Business Development at Localyze, joining the company in June this year. As part of the sales leadership team, Ivana is responsible for the generation of a pipeline that will convert into revenue and business growth. At the heart of her approach is a commitment to building and nurturing relationships with new prospects.

Prior to Localyze, Ivana had experience in the tech industry, she has consistently demonstrated an exceptional ability to identify and capitalize on emerging market trends, creating unique opportunities for business expansion.

Please welcome on stage Ivana!


Jens Heitland

Chief Leadership Enthusiast & Founder of Succeed the Leadership Platform

Jens Heitland is an innovator at heart - he innovates businesses with people. Today he owns or co-owns several businesses. He is the founder of WeAreSucceed.com, a Leadership Platform that is set out to enable leaders to lead the human way. Jens owns HEITLAND INNOVATION, a company that helps organizations to innovate through an innovative Interim Manager setup which has served clients in the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, United States, The Netherlands, and Spain.

Please welcome on stage Jens!


Siadhal Magos

Сo-founder and CEO of Metaview

Siadhal is the co-founder and CEO of Metaview, the AI-powered interview note-taker loved by recruiters at companies like Pleo, Robinhood, and Quora. Prior to founding Metaview in 2018, Siadhal was a Product leader at Uber.

Please welcome on stage Siadhal!


Luc de Ridder

Head of TA & International Expansion
@ bunq bank of The Free

With over 10 years of experience in talent acquisition, Luc is passionate about finding, attracting, and retaining top talent for innovative and diverse organizations. Luc's mission is to create a positive and inclusive hiring experience for candidates and hiring managers and to support the growth and development of the teams he works with. As the Head of Talent Acquisition at bunq, Luc leads the global hiring efforts for a challenger bank that offers a fully mobile and flexible banking experience.


Andreea Lungulescu

Principal Talent Partner - Wayfair

With over 13 years in talent acquisition, Andreea is a virtuoso in the realms of engineering and technology. As a Principal talent partner, she's made her mark globally, particularly in the EU and SE Asia, while maintaining robust collaboration with the US.


Arnold Buoro

Talent Acquisition Team Lead,
Tech at N26

With a decade-long trajectory in talent acquisition, Arnold exemplifies prowess in recruitment and leadership. As a Recruiting Lead & Principal Recruiter, he steers teams with precision, ensuring the convergence of hiring strategy with the building of diverse, cross-functional units. Arnold's keen emphasis on DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and people growth strategies is a testament to his holistic approach.


Marie Christine Padberg

Global Talent Attraction Partner
@ McKinsey

Maria's journey is a testament to her unwavering passion for helping people. Since joining McKinsey in 2003, she's championed transformative solutions for diverse clients. Her pivotal experiences at McKinsey and insights gained during her MBA at INSEAD paved her path to becoming the global co-leader for McKinsey’s Talent Attraction. In this role, she shapes the future of McKinsey and the broader business realm by ensuring a diverse next-gen leadership.

Please welcome on stage Maria!


Anna Brandt

Co-founder Invested,
Investor, Board Advisor

Anna stands out with over 15 years of unparalleled experience collaborating with Founders and Executive Leadership Teams. She's spearheaded Global Talent Teams for tech giants and rising FinTech stars alike, including household names like Uber, N26, and TomTom.

Anna's prowess doesn't end there. She's fervently passionate about the Future of Work, especially at the crossroads of FinTech and HR Tech. Her investment portfolio is robust, featuring Series A+ investments such as Cobee and Yoco, and a myriad of seed ventures from Anybill to Bounti.

Please welcome on stage Anna!


Hidde de Vries

Founder Recharge360 // LinkedIn TopVoice & Speaker on Wellbeing & Personal Development // Vitaliteitsnetwerk NL // Columnist RTLZ

After running his own media agency for 6 years and an additional 5 years at Google, Hidde has gained a start-up mindset combined with a global corporate perspective.

He has been facilitating and coaching well over 10 years, is certified Insights Discovery and Managing your Energy practitioner and has a personal interest in tech, start-ups and performance management.

He has been featured in TEDx: My antidote for stress, is founder of The Recharge Company, columnist for RTL Z and publisher of the book Recharge.


Rudi Bauer

CCO / Managing Director at WeAreDevelopers GmbH

Managing Director WeAreDevelopers


Enrico Heidelberg

Building Studio Deloryan & Bright Star Studio's Game studio

Enrico is a Dutch freelance Recruiter and Recruitment Manager, specializing in technical (leadership) roles, particularly within the gaming industry. Whether leading dynamic teams or working solo, his guiding principle is 𝗜𝗠𝗣𝗔𝗖𝗧 𝗢𝗩𝗘𝗥 𝗧𝗜𝗧𝗟𝗘. Embracing a 'hybrid' approach, he combines 50% traditional recruiting techniques with 50% advanced sourcing methods. He champions the use of cutting-edge tools and technology to supercharge efficiency. Deeply entrenched in the 'open source' ethos, Enrico celebrates the collaborative and sharing spirit that thrives amongst fellow recruiters and sourcers.



At our event, we prioritize the value of attendees' time. That's why we've crafted a program that allows you to get all the necessary information in one day, choose the keynote track that best suits your needs, and connect with other professionals in your field. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity!

The Study
The Dungeon
09:30 - 09:35
10:50 - 11:20
12:45 - 13:45
14:30 - 15:10
Workshop: Strategic Career Design: trailblazing new career paths for Talent Acquisition by Andreea Lungulescu
15:15 - 15:55
Workshop: Enrico Heidelberg "Efficiency Unleashed: Dive into the Free, Fast, & Customizable Multi-Platform Extension created with GPT!"
15:55 - 16:25
16:25 - 16:30
16:30 - 16:50
17:55 - 18:00


At our event, we prioritize the value of attendees' time. That's why we've crafted a program that allows you to get all the necessary information in one day, choose the keynote track that best suits your needs, and connect with other professionals in your field. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity!

15:15 - 15:55
Enrico Heidelberg "Efficiency Unleashed: Dive into the Free, Fast, & Customizable Multi-Platform Extension created with GPT!"
16:30 - 16:50
17:55 - 18:00


Designed by renowned architect Reinier de Graaf, the nhow Amsterdam RAI is situated in the city's vibrant business district. With the RAI Convention Center adjacent to it and the city center just 10 minutes away, the hotel offers easy access to all of Amsterdam's major attractions through the nearby subway station.


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